Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror is about reflections. It tells a story about the human condition: who we are, what we do, where we come from and what we are all yearning for

A cinematic poem about reflections

Like Narcissus, humans have always gazed at our own reflections. We first discover our ‘self’ in the mirror as infants, and continue to study our image throughout our lifetime — watching ourselves change. Sometimes, like Narcissus, we love what we see. Sometimes we long for something else — to be older or younger, thinner or taller, more beautiful or smart.

When we look beyond the surface of the mirror, we discover other kinds of reflections. Socrates taught his disciples to look deeply into the glass to attain self-knowledge. St. Paul spoke of the mirror as a metaphor for wisdom — as well as illusion. Our ability to recognize and reflect upon ourselves and our environment impels our strivings in the arts and sciences, as well as our propensity to long for what we have not yet attained.

It is not only mirrors that give us reflections of ourselves and not only ourselves that we find reflected in mirrors. We live with nature. We look to others to tell us who we are. We look into mirrors to see microscopic particles of life, the outermost reaches of the universe, the future, and the beginning of time.

The dichotomies of vanity and self-knowledge, truth and illusion, creation and destruction, and the comedy and tragedy of life emerge repeatedly across cultures in our reflections about who we are and what our place is in the universe.

The film begins at dawn and in ten sequences takes us through the times of day, the ages of man, and the eons of life on earth. The subject poses substantial challenges, along with the possibility for unforgettable images. We will work with ten of the world’s most talented cinematographers to tell each story. We’ll film at magic hour, at dawn and at night, using reflection, light and refraction, time-lapse photography, long tracking shots and visual effects that evoke emotion and provoke new ways of seeing. We plan also to work with a gifted, original composer to create a soundtrack as exceptional as the images. The digital component will be open to public contributions from around the world

Mirror Mirror is a non-narrative film with reflections, songs and poems. The core experience will be largely non-verbal, visual, visceral, moody, and sometimes very funny.

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