The intimate life of Hasidic women

A film that will shatter
all your preconceptions.

Shekinah takes us into the rarefied world of young Hasidic women. Although they have rules for almost everything, their lives are filled with passion. With unprecedented access, Shekinah captures the intimate detail of their lives, breaking long-standing stereotypes and revealing secrets of which even Hasidic men are largely unaware.

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  • 2013 – Best Documentary at Crown Heights Film Festival
  • Harvard University
  • Zone Doc
  • Limmud Chicago 2014
  • Doc Channel
  • Bloor Hot Docs Cinema
  • Elgin Mills
  • Carlton Cinema
  • Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois
  • Columbia University
  • Polyvalente des Monts
  • Franklin Marshall College
  • Cinéma du Parc