Unbreakable Minds

An emotional film that makes use of the power of documentary, it stands with the ranks of many of the best films portraying mental illness, including Titicut Follies, Warrendale, and Grey Gardens.

— Matthew Hays, The Globe and Mail

Filmed over three years by award-winning filmmakers Abbey Jack Neidik and Irene Lilienheim Angelico, Unbreakable Minds captures the emotional journeys of Randy, Brad and Rob as they struggle with schizophrenia and depression. A poignant, humorous and unforgettable portrayal of three charming and engaging characters, Unbreakable Minds takes us through their experiences from the inside looking out.

Ignoring his inner voices, Brad makes enormous strides as he leaves his bedroom hide-out to become a straight-A student. At 42 years old, Rob, a former radio DJ, is separated from his mother for the first time only to find “paradise” in a group home. When his doctor tries a new medication, Randy plummets in his worst-ever episode. Later, he laughs at his own delusion that he was slated to become the next member of Guns ‘N Roses.

Behind each of them is a devoted family offering their support, while also fighting to dispel the age-old stigma and stereotypes surrounding mental illness. With the invaluable guidance of WilPower, a unique housing and support centre, our subjects and their families maintain courage and hope. Through their heroic struggles, they present a challenge to society — to smash the last taboo.

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Vision TV (Canada 2005), IFC (Canada 2006), Knowledge Network (Canada 2006), SCN (Canada 2006), Showtime (USA 2006), Documentary Channel (Canada 2007)


Highland Park Theatre, Illinois
Northwestern University
Frames of Mind Film Festival
Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival, Toronto (2005)
Picture This Film Festival, Calgary (2006)
Douglas Hall; Douglas Hospital, Montreal (2005)
Montreal World Film Festival, Montreal (2004)
Dorshei Emet Film Festival, Montreal (2004)