The Love Prophet

A fascinating depiction of the evolution of a new religious movement – great potential for classrooms.

— Leslie C Orr, Professor, Department of Religion, Concordia University

The Love Prophet and the Children of God is a riveting inside look at one of the world’s most enigmatic religious movements and its infamous founder, David Berg.

Bringing together a ragged band of hippies, drop-outs, and Jesus freaks, Berg preaches the Endtime apocalypse, sparks the “Revolution for Jesus”, and institutes the notorious practice of “flirty fishing”- sleeping with potential converts to win over souls. This bizarre sexual approach entices a new flock of converts, swelling the Children of God’s membership to well over 50,000 by the late Seventies. It also catches the attention of the media who brand them the “sex for salvation cult.” Parents and detractors level charges of brainwashing and child abuse against the group, leading to midnight raids of their homes around the world and major court battles for the custody of their children.

Today, the Children of God have changed their name to The Family and altered many of their more unusual practices. Still, they insist, they are victims of religious persecution. Are they spiritual seekers or dangerous charlatans? Through the portrayal of a charismatic leader and his devoted followers, The Love Prophet and the Children of God explores the evolution of this new religious movement, and the thin line between faith and blind faith.

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  • Gold Plaque, Best Biography of the Year – Chicago International Television Competition (1998)
  • Golden Sheaf Award – Yorktown Short Film and Video Festival (1999)
  • Best Biography nominee – Hot Docs (1999)