Reaching for Zion

The untold story of Rastas and Jews

The legendary Rasta musician Bob Marley was a modern-day prophet, whose lyrics are quoted like gospel by millions of people around the world. In Reaching for Zion, his beautiful and charismatic granddaughter Donisha Prendergast takes us on a quest to understand her grandfather’s extraordinary legacy.

She has long been committed to his dream of One Love and his longing for Zion, a home where people can control their own destiny and achieve their own spiritual freedom. But when she looks at the world around her, all she sees is injustice and suffering. Is her grandfather’s legacy even possible? Can we ever reach the Promised Land? To find out she investigates the roots of prejudice and present day struggles with poverty, racism and religious hatred. Along the way, Donisha learns more about the inspiration for Marley’s music and uncovers Rastafari’s intriguing and unlikely connection to Judaism.

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