Beyond Earth

The Beginning of NewSpace

Space is more than a place. Space is an inspiration. It stimulates our imaginations. It holds infinite possibilities – discoveries of new worlds and new realities that go beyond even our wildest dreams. Those around the world who saw Neil Armstrong take the first step on the moon were awed by this amazing step for humankind. The accomplishment of leaving earth and setting foot on another celestial body drew the world together like no event before, or since.

Some see going into Space as the next step in our evolution. Some see it as necessary in order to save the species. Some just want to go on the adventure and make an impact like Christopher Columbus or the Wright Brothers. Still others are gambling their personal wealth to become even wealthier by sending the average man and woman up to the cosmos for the price of a Caribbean cruise.

In the fifty years that governments controlled Space, only a little more than 500 people have actually been there. Now that private industry has entered the space race, it is predicted that within a decade hundreds and possibly thousands of people will take a trip into Space every day. Already thousands have signed up and spaceships carrying the first groups of passengers are expected to take off within the year.

What will be the effect of space travel on us and our planet? According to most experts, it will change everything.

Shot over six years and with unprecedented access, Beyond Earth will take you behind-the-scenes with some of the leading players and show what is in store for us all and why we are at the next great turning point in human history.

Fasten your seat belts, join those who are making it happen, and take a look at the future, as we become a space-faring species.

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directed by
Abbey Jack Neidik

produced by
Irene Lilienheim Angelico
Abbey Jack Neidik
Ina Fichman

written by
Abbey Jack Neidik
Irene Lilienheim Angelico
Daryl Hemingway

Abbey Jack Neidik

Edward Krupa

Martin Nault

Irene Lilienheim Angelico
Daryl Hemingway
Hugh John Murray
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additional direction
Irene Lilienheim Angelico

additional editing
Howard Goldberg

additional archival research
Robin Snelson
Ernest Hoffman

additional sound
José Garcia-Lozano
Patrick D. Molicki
Monika Lightstone
Daryl Hemingway

additional voices
Abbey Jack Neidik
Ina Fichman
Ethan Maharaj
Irene Lilienheim Angelico
Toben Neidik

colour grading and online
Patrick J. Clune

video post-production
DLI Productions
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sound post-production
Studio Harmonie

sound editing
Éric Tessier
Ronny Cabal Martinez

Éric Tessier

original score
Luc St. Pierre

“Space Oddity”
written by David Bowie
published by Onward Music Limited

Revised version recorded by
Commander Chris Hadfield
on board the International Space Station
With thanks to Emm Gryner, Joe Corcoran, Andrew Tidby and Evan Hadfield

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