<figcaption>Founders Irene Angelico & Abbey Neidik during the making of The Cola Conquest</figcaption>
Founders Irene Angelico & Abbey Neidik during the making of The Cola Conquest

DLI Productions has been creating award-winning feature documentaries, one-offs and mini-series for over 25 years, gaining recognition across internationally as a leader in independent film and television production.

Founders Abbey Neidik and Irene Angelico teamed up in 1980 to produce and direct their first feature, Dark Lullabies, a film that pioneered the point-of-view genre of documentary storytelling. Exploring the repercussions of the Holocaust on children of Survivors and children of Nazis, this powerful film received critical acclaim throughout the world, and many prizes including First Prize for “The Most Socially/Politically Engaging Film at Mannheim, and “The Most Memorable Film” in Tokyo. The film was included in The Fifty Greatest Documentaries of all Times at the prestigious international Salute to the Documentary, and selected to represent the best of the NFB’s Studio D at retrospectives in London and France. In the summer of 2013, it was selected as the inaugural feature documentary at the Stratford Festival Forum and in January of 2015 at the Berlin Arsenal to commemorate of the 50th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps.

With a talent for telling compelling and entertaining stories on a range of socially relevant subjects, the filmmaking duo has gone on to produce, direct and write documentaries that have garnered awards and honors worldwide, including Genies, Geminis, Gémeaux, First Prizes and Best Documentary awards at festivals around the globe. Their films gain high audience ratings, are broadcast in multiple languages, and many are incorporated into university curriculum throughout the world including Best Documentary by an Independent at Hot Docs; the prestigious Silver Hugo in Chicago; two Gold Apples in San Francisco, a Gold Plaque. The CIDA prize for the Best Documentary on International Development, Guirlande d’Honneur, Chris Statuette, two Ecumenical Jury award, two awards for Social Political engagement, a Red Ribbon and several audience favourite picks, as well many nomination in various categories.

DLI Productions’ films dive into diverse topics, ranging from the heart-wrenching story The Journey Home about Romanian orphans after the fall of Ceausescu, to the trials of a women’s pro tennis tour She Got Game, to the intimate stories of people struggling with schizophrenia and depression in Unbreakable Minds. Their films look behind of some of the most pervasive elements of our lives, whose meanings are often overlooked. Series like The Cola Conquest explores coke as “the sublimated essence of all that America stands for”, and Black Coffee looks at coffee’s role in history, from its discovery in ancient Ethiopia to its place in contemporary society. Inside the Great Magazines, a three-part special on the powerful influence of magazines on nearly every aspect of our lives — from our personal identities to our cultural values about race, gender and class.

Currently, DLI is in production with SpaceRace 2 about the privatization of space and the next great turning point in human history, Reaching for Zion about the surprising connections between Rastafari and Jews and the universal search for home, and Search for God, a quirky film about a documentary director with a broken heart trying to finish his film. DLI is also in development with Mirror Mirror, a cinematic poem about reflections, and Shekinah 2, catching up with the women in Shekinah five years later and delving deeper in the meaning of the Kabbalah.

DLI is just releasing Big Wind, a feature documentary about industrial wind turbines, and in distribution with Shekinah: the Intimate Lives of Hasidic Women.